Friday, December 23, 2005

UMass legend Jim Reid hired as head coach at VMI

UMass legend Jim Reid has been hired as the new Head Coach at VMI.

This is the official VMI article. The local press has another article here.

Congratulations to Jimmie Reid! VMI will get better quick!


Tom UM '72 said...

Anybody know what the "real" reason Coach Reid left Richmond. When he first announced he was leaving the papers said that he was tired of all the head coaching responsibilities and the constant monitoring of all the players staying eligible and out of trouble! It now appears that is was NOT the reason he left.Unless he had a change of heart.

Tom UM '72

UMass74 said...

Just like UMass, Richmond cut scholarships while he was there. A google search of the Richmond times will yield a number of articles about the scholarship reductions. He did get them back, but Richmond was very thin in players for a year or two.

There were some rumblings from the Richmond administration about the Spiders not doing well. He probably just got tired of being asked to compete with teams like Delaware without the resources to do so...

Tom UM '72 said...

Thanks Umass 74, that does sound familiar. Hope he does good there, a real classy guy.