Thursday, September 22, 2005

Defending the Option

As you know, Rhode Island runs the Spread Option Offense. Scroll down for more information.
And they run it well. Rhody is third in the nation in rushing offense.

How do you defend the option? The Springfield Union has an article here about that problem.

Coach Brown has coached against the option twice when he was UMass' defensive Coordinator under whipple.

In 1998 UMass won the National Championship against GSU who had one of the best offensives in I-AA (and one of the best players in Adrian Peterson). UMass won that game.

UMass again played Peterson and the Eagles in 1999 when we met them in the second round of the playoffs. GSU won that time.

In both games Brown played five defensive backs (three safeties) to increase speed and tackling ability.

I believe that Lance Overby played in both games as the third safety.

In 2005, the extra safety probably be Greg Scott, joining free safety Shannon James and strong safety James Ihedigbo.


umassfan said...

We are trying to stop the run so I would think that SS Brandon Smith will be the extra man more.

UMass74 said...

UMass fan is correct. Brandon Smith is the backup strong Safety and therefore probably will get the start.

Sorry, brain lock on that post.