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UMass Football News-February 14th, 2018

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Adam Breneman retires from football. More here.

Matty Vautour also has a post on Brenenman's retirement.

Breneman's full statement about his retirement.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has a post about Breneman.

Too bad for Breneman. He had the softest set of hands I've seen from a TE. He has a positive attitude and all UMass fans are sure he will be a success at whatever he turns to next. Good luck to him and thanks for two great years with the Minutemen.


One of BYU's eight quarterbacks decides to transfer.

The Cougars will be running a new offense this year.



msumassfootball said...

I don't think Adam needs football as much as he would be great for the game. He'll be successful no matter what he decides to pursue. And his effort in getting an outstanding education through football should be an example for all NCAA athletes. He's got too much going for him to get beat up on the football field, although I would have liked to see him get a big payday in the draft and then walk away on his terms. Congratulation on all of your accomplishments. UMass was lucky to see you representing us in such outstanding ways.

TopUMassFan said...

Sorry to hear Adam Breneman won't have a chance to play in the NFL, he certainly deserves that opportunity and he would have made the most of it, I'm sure. He will reach greater heights in other avenues.

It was pleasure watching him play, his game was as solid as his hands were soft. I'll never forget a catch he made against Wagner, pulling down a high throw and, with 3-4 defenders wrapped on him, refusing to go down.

He represented UMass football with tremendous class. Thanks to Adam for all he gave.

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Anonymous said...

Not much else for me to add, except I agree 100% with the above. Good luck to Adam.