Sunday, August 13, 2017

UMass Football News--August 13th, 2017

UMass held a football practice that was open to season ticket holders. Everyone got a UMass t-shirt and some more swag. Whipple was upbeat. He said the QB situation was "the best since I've been in college football". Marquis Young is up 10 pounds (he's listed as 215 on the latest roster). He said Shane Huber's college career might be over. Whipple said for the first time since he's returned, the Minutemen have some "3's". He said he felt our "1's" could "play with anybody", but we haven't had the depth to play in the fourth quarter.

Whipple felt UMass has done well the last two years, but "needed one more recruiting class".

In the scrimmage, freshman Jesse Britt made two nifty catches. I've blogged about Britt a couple of times before.

Ross Comis was wearing a knee brace, but moved well. He looks fully recovered.

Andrew Ford was running the first offense. Randall West had a couple of nice passes.

Rayquan Thomas looks visibly slimmer.

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Spectrum and Hawaii Telecom will broadcast the UMass/Eleven Sports production of UMass/Hawaii game.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report, Frank! Photos are nice. The uniforms appear to have been changed. The numbers are MUCH bigger, and the font is much more commanding than in previous years. Do you know if these will be the game uniforms? Love 'em! Keep 'em!

I feel bad for SH. Great team player with big heart and skill to match. Maybe he'll return next year if he feels up to it, as AB did. At least keep it an option.

Love the optimistic outlook of MW. If the kicking game, DL, and secondary are improved, there will be some great surprises this year. Also Joe Connolly did a great job with the prep and conditioning work. This is the biggest team UMass has ever fielded, if the reported metrics are accurate.Kudos to Joe.

Go UMass!

UMass74 said...

The unis are Adidas, like the game uniforms. I agree about the numbers, very easy to read. I like the white jerseys.

The black pants however, give me the willies as they remind me of the Molnar era.

UMass74 said...

Forgot to mention Whipple said Logan Laurent got his foot stepped on by a lineman. He'll be OK but he's out for a week. Freshman Michael Schreiner was not getting a lot of distance out of his punts.

Another nice catch was by JUCO transfer Jacoby Herring. Big target at 6-4.