Friday, August 11, 2017

UMass Football News--August 11th, 2017

UMass will play Auburn in 2020 and receive a record payout. UMass fans attending will get to see the flight of Auburn's War Eagle.

SB Nation says UMass will get a whopping payout.

UMass A.D. Bamford engineers another lucrative game for the Minutemen. With UMass as an independent, the Minutemen do not receive any funds from TV packages or other league promotional activities. So if you have to play money games, get top dollar. Bamford continues to do an excellent job managing UMass, IMHO.

Also let me point out for the nth time, game payouts are real spendable money, not accounting dollars.


Ali Ali-Musa is the subject of this article by the Boston Herald.


Matty Vautour reports Ross Comis is back and healthy.


The Deseret News says BYU needs to be careful of UMass.

The same newspaper breaks down BYU's schedule game by game.


Victor Cruz hauls in a TD pass for the Bears.


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Creighton said...

I'm excited for the TV coverage and branding that a game with Auburn will bring. It's also a good chance to have our boys experience the very best in talent. So net, even though it'll be an uphill game it's an investment in the future via exposure to the brand to recruits, payday to fund improvements, an experience to motivate our team to take it to the top level, and so on. I'm also convinced that our AD is doing the right things for long term success.