Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Blog Bulletin II

Good morning from LAX. Mrs Blog and I will be leaving this evening on a 15-hour flight to Cairns, Australia.

As I said last Wednesday, the UMass Football Blog will go on an about 28-day hiatus while we're in the South Pacific.

That means I'll miss the Spring Game for the first time since Coach Reid was here. Hopefully, Steve, or TopUMass Fan or Top Row will post a comment on how Ross Comis, A.J. Doyle and the other new QB's looked.

Everyone is still welcome to post comments, I'll moderate them when I get a chance.

I may post an image or two (Mrs Blog and I are supposed to ride a camel in the outback---that ought to be a circus!).

Anyway, the Blog will be back publishing regularly about May 15th or so, depending how jet lagged I am.

Go UMass!


Good evening from Cairns. Looks like I made a good decision about the blog. Internet connections are very limited here in the South Pacific. Most hotels limit access to 1/2 hour. That's no way to run a blog. Hope everyone had fun at the Spring game. I'll check in when I get a chance.


Dawn camel ride at Ayers Rock. Our camel was named "Trevor". Click on the image and Blogger supplies a larger image.


Gettin' up close and personal with a croc at Kakdu National Park.


Mrs Blog feeds a Forester Kangaroo outside of Hobart, Tasmania.


Remember in LOTR, when the Nazgul crossed the river Loudwater?

Here we are at the same spot. The whole town on Queenstown showed up to watch the filming. Prior to shooting the sequence, the ringwraiths rode up and down the river waiving to kids, which does not fit their image :)


They speak English in New Zealand, but it's a tad different.


Bula! Everyone. That and vinaka are the only two fijian words I know so far. Our trip is over in a day or so. 



Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation Frank.
Can't wait until you return.
Now I have to settle with the news and weather without the Umass football blog.
I'll survive and so will the program.

UMass74 said...

I'm sure everyone will be able get along. Maybe even the snow will be gone by the time I get back.

The Smoking Chimp said...

Enjoy the vacation!

That said, i'm looking forward to your return and the blog updates!

Anonymous said...

Tulane, Maryland and ... are on the schedule.

NJUMass08 said...

^ Would the Maryland game be in 2016 as well, or just the Tulane game?

Anonymous said...

Tulane, Maryland and now another team from Florida(hint) think AAC. Game on!!

Anonymous said...

UMASS officials and fans have now petitioned to put Derek Kellogg's face on milk cartons...he has not been seen or heard from since very early March. Details to follow.

Anonymous said...

Early reports on new AD are good...he loves what Whip has been doing...Kellogg on the other hand will need to step up his game...unimpressive at A10 meetings.