Sunday, November 26, 2006

UMass-Lafayette game Articles

Image of James Ihedigbo by Associated Press.

The Boston herald looks at the game and Steve Baylark . Another game article by the Herald here .

The Springfield Republican has an article here . They have another article about UMass' QB reaction by a cheapshot by the Leopards .

From the Lafayette side there is an article here .

The Boston Globe has an article here .

The Worcester Telegram covers the game here .

Charles Burton of College Sporting News give an almost even writeup of the game here . Somewhat surprising as he ran an anti-UMass smack post here . Still, it's nice to know where the media is coming from...


dennisdent said...

You really wonder where his "objectivity" belongs when he's basically slandering (all be it in a tongue-and-cheek way) a school, program, and team he is going to cover.

I was almost tempted to e-mail CSN about this...Not very professional.

UMass74 said...

Yes, I was very surprised for a professional columnist would do such a thing.

In addition,it was not in the "smack" section, where such things are supposed to be "all in fun". It was in the general discussion section...

dennisdent said...

Left him a comment on his blog about his "objectivity" (or maybe maturity).

And I'm a Lehigh fan too (after UMass of course).

Thanks for the great job!

dennisdent said...

I noticed you removed the link to the Lehigh blog...

I don't think he comprehends where I'm coming from on being a professional journalist on one hand and a blogger on the other. What he calls "humor" is smack to someone else...Lost some respect for Lehigh though.

Please take a lot of pictures Saturday!

UMass74 said...

Yes, he only links to Patriot League sites.

I let it slide for a while, but after this I said screw it.

I also took down Colgate13's site because he went inactive. Too bad. I liked his Colgate info.

I've got a link to Travis' New Hamsphire site (his third), but he does not seem to be doing much with it. He seems to start sites and then loose interest.