Friday, May 12, 2006

Construction Boom Hits I-AA Football

As UMass fans know, installation of Field Turf surface for McGuirk Stadium will start on May 29th. UMass will add permanent lights in 2007.

Actually, UMass is on the low end of football enhancements going on in A10 and the northeast, but I'm happy we're making progress.

James Madison is adding field turf to their stadium.
  • An article on field turf installation is here
  • A webcam to watch the installation is here . (use "demo" in the username in the popup. No password required.
Rhode Island is adding a $2,000,000 extension to Meade Stadium.
  • An article on the construction is here .
  • Images galleries of the construction are here and here.
William & Mary is adding an $11,000,000 rebuild to their football program.
  • A story on the construction of the new 30,000 sq-foot football offices and locker room and field turf is here .
  • A construction gallery is here .
Non-Scholarship Lafayette of the Patriot League is investing $23,000,000 in a totally new football stadium.
  • An article on the construction is here .
  • A live Webcam is here .


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how Lafayette can raise 23 million dollars in donations and UMass struggles for a million for new field turf.

UMass74 said...

I'm a "Glass Half Full" kinda guy. We're getting the first major renovations in McGuirk in forty years.

I'm real happy. Umass President Wilson attended the Spring Friends of UMass Football meeting at the UMass Club. That would not have happended a couple of years ago.I believe we're making progress.

As I've said many times, anyone who wants UMass Football to prosper should join the Friends. Every member helps.

As for Lafayette, the article said two alumni and a foundation provided the $$ for the project, so I don't know how broad based the giving can be considered.

The next UMass Football project, after the lights and the turf should be UMass' ancient field house. That would be a worthy cause for some of our more well-to-do alums :)