Wednesday, April 19, 2006

2006 Opponent Stoney Brook Moving UP

On 09/23/06 UMass and Stoney Brook will meet for the first time in football. This Blog thinks it won't be the last.

Stoney Book is leaving the restricted scholarship NEC league and has announced that it will play as an independent in 2007 and will work towards the full I-AA scholarship level of 63.

The Seawolves will play UMass and UNH in 2006 and move to a full national schedule in 2007 with Richmond, Youngstown State and Elon on deck.

Football is booming at Stoney Brook. They have an beautiful new stadium, which sells out.
Success has also followed new A10 member Towson, who beat Delaware with only 38 scholarships last year! 2006 will be the first year UMass will play Towson. Wonder how the Tigers will do when they hit 63 scholarships.

There is speculation that 2005 opponent Albany will follow Stoney Brook's and Towson's lead and go full scholarship.

Northeast football is certainly going through a growth spurt. With Stoney Brook already having better attendance than Hofstra, things might get interesting in the Northeast in a few years...


Anonymous said...

The upgrading of Stony Brook's program and probably Albany's can only be a good thing for UMass. The potential to schedule two i-AA full scholarship programs within close proximity is a real positive.

UMass74 said...

It would also give UMass a possible back-up football conference if the rumour that the A10/CAA southern schools want to leave is true.

UMass, UNH, UMaine, URI, Albany and Stoney Brook could be a new "Yankee Conference" if they had to. With six members the conference champion would get an auto bid to the playoffs...

Anonymous said...

I do not know what the CAA long range plan is but you could end up with two 8 team divisions. The six you mention plus Hofstra and Northeastern in the north and the present six southern schools plus Old Dominion which is starting a football program and either UNC Wilmington or George Mason who are considering football in the south.

Then again we could have a new Yankee Conference. Should be interesting.