Friday, August 05, 2005

UMass Helmet History

The UMass Helmets above are a scan from the 2005 UMass Press Guide. The source of helmets is The Helmet Project. Click on the image to enlarge.

The sequence is missing the 1972 helmet (probably because the Helmet Project does not have a image of that helmet.)

The lesser known Helmet History Site does have an image. That's the one below.

I know for a fact that the players hated the 1972 version.

If I were "building" the perfect UMass helmet, I would go with the "type" 1988 helmet with the current type 2003 black and maroon center stripes.

I would rank the helmet history this way in order of preference.

  1. Type 1988
  2. Types 1993 and type 2003
  3. Type 1970
  4. Type 1989
  5. Type 1962 and type 1986 (don't like the "Penn State" look)
  6. Type 1963
What's your favorite?


colgate13 said...

the one you used until 2002 is my favorite. The curved 'U' is pretty unique. Isn't that also the helmet worn during the national championship?

UMass74 said...

Yes, the type 1993 helmet was the National Championship Helmet.

The problem is that the University spent a lot of $$ to design a new logo and the result was to change the script "UMass" to the Block "UMass" both types are copywrite.

The orginal script UMass was designed by a couple of UMass coaches for free...

dennisdent said...

1988 brings back memories--but I like 74-84--can't beat the minuteman on the helmet.