Wednesday, June 15, 2005

UMass 2005 TV schedule

UMass Football will be on TV four times this fall (2005).The entire official schedule is available here.

Three games will be on Comcast’s CN8

Team Location Time

JMU Amherst Noon

UNH Amherst Noon

Delaware Newark 1:00 pm

Army West Point TBA (ESPN network)

CN8 has a page detailing its sports offerings (including I-AA games) here.

CN8 offers a live video feed via the internet from this page. I have Verizon DSL and it works great, with the cravat that you have the choice of small and sharp or full screen and fuzzy. CN8 sometimes blacks out local games. Last year I tried to use it to see the UMass-Northeastern game and the game was blacked out. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic area and you have a fat data pipe, you might want to watch the game via CN8…

The ESPN game may be another story. I have the Dish Network Sports package, which includes ESPN, ESPN2 and the Fox Sports regional networks. ESPNU seems to be "vaporware" as it is impossible to find.


colgate13 said...

Since the Colgate game won't be televised, what kind of attendance do you think we'll see from UMass fans?

We promise it won't snow this year, or be Thanksgiving weekend... Can you bring a few thousand to Hamilton? It's an easy 4-4.5 hour drive across the NY State Thruway.

UMass74 said...


I doubt that there will be more than a couple hundred UMass fans at Colgate. I’ll be there of course…

Hopefully, that will change in the future. Several fairly recent developments have given me hope. Two years ago UMass formed a “Friends of Football” group to help raise money for the team and to represent football in the special interest academic wars.

This group is expanding its activities and hopefully bus excursions to away games are in the works. I think more people would do the away games if they didn’t have to drive.

Another factor is that UMass seems to have made a commitment to support the team. Since I have been a Minuteman fan, UMass has cut football scholarships at least four times. That has made UMass have an up-and-down win-loss record. People come to see you win, not play the game…

With continued administration support, hopefully UMass will continue to be strong and build its fan base.

Should be a great game. And I’m looking forward to seeing Hamilton without blizzard conditions 