Wednesday, August 09, 2017

UMass Football News--August 9th, 2017

Dick MacPherson has passed away. He was head coach at UMass from 1971 to 1979.  His 73 games is third on the UMass all-time games coached list. He won five Yankee Conference championships and led UMass to the first FCS Championship.

The UMass administration promptly cut his scholarships the next year and he left for Syracuse where he became a Hall-of-Fame coach.

He was a great guy and boy could he tell football stories.

The Gazette has an AP story about Coach Mac.

Matty Vautour has a post on UMass coaches remembering MacPherson.


Matty has a story about Bryton Barr, a 6-0 225 pound transfer from Towson. I've blogged about Barr before. With Shane Huber's status uncertain, he'll bring depth to the linebacker position.


CBS Sports rates UMass dead last in FBS football. Many sports "writers' just go through the motions. If it draws eyeballs, it's OK.  They get paid to crank out stuff, that's it.


A "Chowder and Champions" writer picks UConn to go six-and-six. Note that he picks the Huskies to beat both USF and UCF. USF is a consensus Top-25 pick and Athlon has UCF picked second in the AAC East.



Another underwear-wearing driver crashes his car doing 100-miles an hour in East Bridgewater.



Anonymous said...

The CBS article is only damaging on the terrible effect it has on kids we're recruiting . . could care less about their "rating". We've been selling the future for 5 years now and a kid who knows that and see's where we've been rated by CBS would be turned off!

Anonymous said...

It was actually Coach Pickett who led UMass to the first FCS Championship game in 1978, not Coach McPherson.Coach Mac was coaching team when they played in the Boardwalk Bowl.