Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday--October 27th, 2014


After the Toledo Frohnapfel's totals for 2014 are 132.2 EFF 213-392 54.3 % 2921 23 TD's 80 LONG 324.6 YARDS/game

Blake is 2nd in passing yards in FBS. Second in all of football!!!

He's 9th in passing yards per game.

UMass is averaging 30.8 points/game. Last year we were #122 out of 125 teams with 11.7 points per game.

Career passing completions

10. 221 Andrew McNeeley 92-95
11. 213 Blake Frohnapfel 2014

Career passing yards

8.   3131 Greg Landry 65-67
9.  2921 Blake Frohnapfel 2014
10. 2742 Jim Simeone 82-85

Career passing TD's

6. 27 Tim Day 02-05
7. 23 Noel Reebenacker 50-52
7. 23 Blake Frohnapfel 2014
8. 21 Jerry Welchel 62-65

Career pass completion %

9. 54.4 Greg Landry 65-67
10 54.3 Blake Frohnapfel 2014

Career passing efficiency

4. 134.1 Todd Bankhead 98-99
5. 132.2 Blake Frohnapfel 2014
6 124.9 Jeff Krohn 02-03

Career passing yards/game

1. 324.6 Blake Frohnapfel 2014
2. 250.6 Todd Bankhead 98-99

Most TD passes in a single game

5 Blake Frohnapfel 2014 (twice)
5 Liam Coen 2006
5 Matt Guice 2001
5 Richard Lucero 2000
5 Todd Bankhead 1998
5 Mike Fallon 1977


Tajae Sharrpe is 4th in receiving yards.


The UMass website has highlights and video interviews from the Toledo game.


Frohnapfel says the rest of the season is about pride.

Dan Malone has an article on the post game video interviews.


Ron Chimelis says Coach Whipple has made UMass football relevant again.


Hustle Belt moves UMass up to 9th in  conference power ratings.

--------------------------------------------------------- says Kareem Hunt kept the Rockets rolling.


EMU stadium at kickoff. The announced crowd was 19,654.



Anonymous said...

If ever there is an argument for the importance of a great quarterback, the difference between last year and this year bears this out clearly. MW was a visionary for bringing Frohnapfel along. It's just too bad that we couldn't have pulled out two or three additional wins out of the sum of what has turned out to be a pretty exciting time to be a Minuteman fan. Still, we have three games to go, and our next is on ESPN. Can't wait! Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

You have to give credit where its due, Whipple has done a great job with this team. It goes to show you how important coaching is. The program still hasn't recovered from the Kevin Morris hire which you have to blame the AD for. He was a terrible recruiter, lacked experience and hired an extremely poor staff. The coordinators Brian Piccuci and Frank Forcucci were the worst in Umass history. Didnt recruit, bullied kids and were unproductive. They are both out of the profession now. Then we took the bait on Molnar because of his connection to Notre Dame. He was a much better recruiter then Morris, brought some energy but was a total buffoon. Finally after 6 years of misery, Umass is on the right path and I'm excited for the future.

Anonymous said...

Frohnapfel could be drafted this coming year and his MBAprogram completed part time.Strange that no one has mentioned this.Certainly hopethis is not the case.Busines is business.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comments. It's hard to be thrilled with a 2-7 record when there have been so many heart breaking disappointments (5-4 or 6-3 was within our grasp)but the improvement has been remarkable and the foundation has been set for a great future.

Anonymous said...

Well at what point in the last 5 years could you say the team in making progress? They went downhill the day Don Brown left for Maryland. This year has been major progress

Anonymous said...

Wrong about out of profession. Wrong about everything. Stop spreading nonsense and stop hiding behind your comments. Recruited great players and coached a lot of great players in the NFL. End of story.