Saturday, October 04, 2014

Game Day--Miami (Ohio)

Today is going to be an odd day for me. As you know, I'm in Flagstaff attending an astronomy conference. I'm going to be one of the speakers today. After the formal session, the attendees will have a tour of Lowell Observatory's facilities at Anderson Mesa and then we get to sit in on a speckle interferomety session on the Discovery Channel's 4.3 meter telescope. This kind of stuff doesn't happen to me often.

So that means I won't be able to listen to the game or even know the score until I get back early in Sunday morning. You guys will have to do the cheering for me. Both UMass fans and the staff and players deserve a victory. I know when I turn on my computer early Sunday there'll be lots of happy comments.

Go UMass!


Where to catch today's game.


Dan Malone says there is a lot of pressure on both the Minutemen and the Redhawks.


Matty Vautour picks UMass.

Matty also looks at the matchup of winless teams.


The Dayton Daily News considers two teams looking for their first win.


Two Hustle Belt writers talk smack about the UMass-Miami (Ohio) game.


One MAC Conference team makes CBS TV and all the rest appear on ESPN3.


The Boston Herald says UMass may have found its top runner in Shadrach Abrokwah.


Redhawk coach Chuck Martin talks UMass.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- reports one winless MAC team will win and a trap game for Toledo.


A Hustle Belt writer says take the Redhawks, lay the points.


Boston College dismisses starting CB Bryce Jones from the team.



Anonymous said...

Don't open your laptop Frank. Enjoy your vacation.

Anonymous said...

Time for Masella to get fired. This is the worst umass defense in school history. Total disgrace. Defensive backs are 15 yards off WR's in critical situations. It couldn't get worse, 2003 is 11 years behind us. Get him out, he's has cost us 3 football games. Embarrassing defense. Gross!

Anonymous said...

Terrible way to lose a game. Bye bye Masella let Dave Sollazo call the defense.

TopUMassFan said...

This one hurts more than all the others.

After giving up a 41-14 lead, the Minutemen came all the way down to the 6yd. line with three seconds left.

I, along with the rest of the radio listeners, was expecting UMass to spike the ball and kick a game winning field goal from about 25 yds.

Didn't happen. Wasn't even attempted.

Instead of the spike, UMass faked the spike and threw to the RB who was stopped at the two.

The coaching staff must have absolutely no confidence in their kicking game or else they would have attempted the kick. Common sense days that the play in that situation.

Instead of getting that elusive win, we get a morale breaking loss against the team with the longest losing streak in the nation.

Coach Whipple has worked wonders in his short time back and he has restored the excitement to the program so we now expect to win. Unfortunately, I think over coaching at the end cost us today.

Anonymous said...

That's a crushing loss that gets coaches fired and in umass case could end the program. Masella is finished, blow a 27 pt lead. Get him his buyout and end his career at umass.

Anonymous said...

Crushing loss for the program. We suck on defense enough of masella, get a real DC in here ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I will always be a UMASS fan. Before I read a lot of the negativity, let me add my own. After seeing Miami(OH)and the stadium they play in, I wondered, why have our alumni been so cheap. Why can't UMASS upgrade their 50+ year old alumni stadium to look like that one. It is sad to know we have alumni, who are successful, yet never give back. The University should have a stadium modest and servicable, even if used just for graduation.
Now , I will read the comments from the wackos who will write vile about their team and school-the UMASS way.