Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday--September 28th, 2014

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Well, we didn't win, but you didn't like yesterday's game, you don't like college football. The game sold out and there were a lot more than 17,000 people around the stadium.

The lead changed hands seven times.

BTW, only one person out of 75 votes got the poll correct with the Falcons by less than seven.

UMass had 29 first downs and 638 yards of total offense. Blake Frohnapfel shattered a number of UMass records. He went 36-61-1 589 5 TD's 80 LONG.

That broke Kyle Havens 450 yards vs New Hampshire in 2010. It tied the record for 5 passing TD's held by Liam Coen (twice) Matt Guice, Richard Lucero, Todd Bankhead and Mike Fallon. It was second in most pass attempts (63 Matt Guice NH 2001). It broke the record for pass completions (33 Jeff Krohn Northeastern 2002). It tied for 5th in longest passing play (80 Liam Coen to Matt Silver Bryant 2008, Tim Day to Jason Peebler Delaware State 2004). He broke the total offense in a single game record (Kyle Havens 434 NH 2010).

Tajae Sharpe tied the UMass single game reception record of 13 held by three other players (Victor Cruz JMU 2008, J.J. Moore Colgate 2005, Brandon London Hofstra 2005).

We made some errors. We dropped a couple of INT's (one a sure TD). We turned the ball over. We missed a lot of tackles, including one that ended up a Bowling Green TD.

The crowd was great, and so was the atmosphere. Even the UMMB upped its game. The halftime show was the best of the season.

The UMass website has notes, quotes and stats here.


Matty Vautour reports UMass losses a shootout to Bowling Green.


Dan Malone comments on the 17,000 sellout.

Nick O'Malley has a post about Blake Frohnapfel's historic day.

Nick also reports the UMass defense was gashed for equally historic numbers.

The video board collapse in the third quarter was impressive. Debris (hydraulic fluid?)flew higher than the stadium walls.

Dan Malone says the Minutemen rushing game continued to struggle.


And one media pundit has to find fault with UMass football over something. Man, some people are professional jerks.


The Daily Collegian said missed opportunities overshadowed an impressive day for the Minutemen.


Randy Carpenter of Hustle Belt says the Falcons hung on.


All the MAC conference results here.


Boston College lost to Colorado State. That puts a big crimp in the Eagles season.

Colorado lost in two overtimes to Cal.

Kentucky broke a long SEC losing streak against Vanderbilt.

And Penn State, who played nearly perfect against the Minutemen, self-destructed against Northwestern.



Anonymous said...

Steve Buckley is a UMass fan as well. I don’t see anything wrong with what he wrote. It was disgraceful the number of fans that left that game. Students left at half and by the 4th quarter the home stands were about a quarter full as UMass was pretty damn close to completing a comeback.

UMass74 said...

I totally disagree. Of all the stuff going on: the sellout, the great game with record-breaking offensive performances by both sides, the probably 25,000 total people tailgating or at the game---and the focus of his article is some students left early??

If he's a UMass fan, we don't need and enemies. His article is bullshit. The dead tree media is dying fast. It can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

The students were shameful. Treated the game as a pre-party to their Saturday night. The grounds around the stadium were filthy. Clearly a change of culture needs to be created among the students.

TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank,

I for one have to agree with Buckley's article.

Yesterday had the makings for a great day of football for UMass. First home game since 2011, great turn out and great weather. Records shattered and a boat load of points.

And yet the student body walked out at half time. The same student body that complained when the games were moved to Gillette. Let's be honest here, the students always used to show up late and leave early, even during the glory days of Whipple and Brown's tenure.

Yesterday, the student body had a chance to be a "12 man", to be heard and felt, and they spit the bit. The team needed just a little bit more and having a full house in the fourth might have done the trick.

On other matters, I'm glad they moved the grilling areas back away from under the stands. It used to be terrible trying watch the game trough smoke.

Secondly, Was the video board a rental or new permanent fixture? Thankful that no one got hurt.

Thirdly, I was/am surprised to see the old Orange sissor-jack television camera stands still being used. I would have thought a better, permanent structure would have been planned and built during the renovations.

A win would have capped a great day. As a fan, we are expecting more from the team and Whip is giving us that with his offense. We need to expect more from ourselves as fans and get there early, make noise and stay for the entire games. True fans at Nebraska, Michigan and Alabama stay for 60, we need to do the same.

UMass74 said...

It was a rental. Glad no one was standing near it when it came down.

When I was in the Navy, something like that would have had a cotter pin to prevent a collapse if the hydraulics failed.

MInutefanjsf said...

Buckley commented on the play on the filed accurately and his article was not so much slamming the students, like he could have, but more a question of "why the hell did you leave a great game?” He doesn’t write the headline. And, he has been one of the few Boston sports writers to support the University often. It is a real good question about whether the fans and kids will come and stay fro a whole game when we start winning.

MinuteFan said...

Frank, I am going to respectfully disagree with you, which I don't often do. I sit directly next to the student section, and their leaving at halftime, while totally expected based on past performance, was a disgrace.

Those players killed themselves out there on a sweltering hot day, and when they look up in the second half, the students are gone??/ What else do they have to do at 5PM on a Saturday night? They aren't going out for the night for another 5 hours. And I don't believe they were studying. I'm not sure where the "leave at halftime" tradition began, but it is a flat out embarrassment. And nothing some 50-something alumni like me says will matter. There has to be a student movement to support this team like other colleges do, or it won't get better. The players, coaches and administration trying like hell to make this work deserve way better.

I think Buckley was no more outraged than I was and many others as well. He just happens to have the forum to present his views.

UMass74 said...

I don't think I've ever moderated a comment that disagreed with me.

I don't know why the students leave after halftime either, I just feel that was nowhere near the top story from the game.

I respect TopUMassFan and all the alumni who support the team.

Class of 2013 said...

I agree with both sides here. It was a disgraceful showing from the students but I agree with Frank that it should not be the sole focus of yesterday. Our fanbase is WAY too obsessed with the little things. Sure we'd all like to see a sell-out-til-the-end crowd, but if the school does all they can and we do all we can and other fans/students don't show up or leave the game early, what can we really do?

Winning (plus a shorter game and less sun) will get more people to stay. Between the basketball team and the administration stepping up their game in marketing and getting incoming Freshmen interested in sports right away, the UMass student fanbase is growing each week. It's still way too small, but it's getting there. However the UMass students will always be how they are. It's not just a UMass problem, it's a problem everywhere. Even at the biggest of the big-time college football schools.

I'm very pleased with the job Whipple has done so far. He has exceeded my expectations. I think the next McGuirk game will be our shot at win #4 and I sure as hell hope THAT'S what we're talking about if that is the scenario come November 12.

bkrownd said...

I would assume those students didn't plan to make an evening of it, and decided not to climb back into the stands after descending for the halftime passegiata, but instead headed off to get an early start on the Valley Nightlife. Coming off a couple bad seasons and with MAC opponents it's not a shock that the students are out of touch with it. They're fickle at the best of times and many aren't from the Valley.

I was tickled that I was able to watch the game at McGuirk over the internet. I didn't realize what was happening until I saw a couple of the highlight clips, and then discovered the game was streaming. :)

Lack of effective running game really hurt. Hurts both the outcome, and the PRIDE of anyone that enjoys the fundamentals of football. Ouch. Some success on the ground and UM would have rolled. Hope that gets fixed soon!

Speaking of fundamentals, I'm shocked Whipple is having trouble getting the D to concentrate on tackling! Several guys actually backed away from the ball carrier while attempting a reach-in hope-and-pray ball stripping manouver. Tackle FIRST!!! BG won the game by wrapping up before the strip.

The absence of black (not a school color) this season is refreshing.

10k was a great crowd when I lived in Amherst. Even lights and a blimp only got it up near 12k or so. Wish I could have been there. Itching to get back to Amherst in October one of these years...

Anonymous said...

Another hit piece by the Glob on Sunday. Publishing trash, allowing the family of a druggie spout off, without identifying themselves. Sadly there are too many dying from heroin OD's, all have sad stories, yet most don't have a media outlet to blame someone else for their demise. This kid was a druggie before UMASS, and was never stopped by mommy and daddy.

UMass73 said...

Frank, nothing wrong at all with Steve Buckley's article. He was right on the money. He has long been a supporter of UMass athletics at the Herald. Which is more than you can say about the slugs at the Globe. And Buckley is a UMass alumnus. Agree with the other comment about moving the grilling area away from under the stands, the smoke coming up through the stands was gross. And if UMass really wants to be FBS they need to do a much better job of traffic management. It took me 45 minutes to get from the area near Whitmore to Lot 11 and that was 3 tours before the game. Having only one way now to get into that lot is crazy. Enough negative though, the stadium looked great and the atmosphere was terrific, too bad a win couldn't go along with it.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that the behavior of the students was very STRANGE. It's hard to explain the simple fact THOUSANDS left at halftime. Overall the atmosphere pregame and during the first quarter was thrilling.......way more positives than negatives....also was that the longest college football game in history??

Anonymous said...

That great offensive performance was against the 4th worst scoring defense, the worst total defense, 11th worst rush defense and worst passing defense in all of FBS. Despite Bowling Green giving up 232.8 ypg rushing UMass managed only 49 yds.

It was far more a case of playing an atrocious defense than a a great offensive effort.