Friday, August 01, 2014

Thursday--August 1st, 2014.

August, guys! The 2014 season is getting close.


Kessan Messiah
Dan Malone continues his "Top-25" UMass players with a story on Kessan Messiah.

Kessan's UMass bio.

In 2012, Messiah made an impact with the generally over-matched UMass defense. We were better when he was playing. In the 4-3 defense, the "Mike" linebacker is the hero as the defense is designed to channel tackles his way. The "Sam" linebacker does not a lot of tackles because the TE, the pulling guards and the fullback (if there is one) are all tasked with blocking him. Only the "Wil" linebacker is free to roam around. In the 3-4, Messiah should have some room to make some football plays. So far in FBS, we've been striving to play competitively even against the lower regions of the MAC. This year, hopefully we'll be able to play some attacking defense. At 6-4 237, he has an NFL frame. At least in the MAC, he has the tools to dominate. Lets hope he has a monster come-back year in 2014.


The latest version of the UMass Roster is up.


The Times Free Press says Vanderbilt receivers should feast on the Commodores OOC schedule.


Karl Ferron image
Baltimore report Jeromy Miles is pushing for a starting role. Miles Ravens bio.


Notes from the Lions camp say James Ihedigbo was popping players left and right.


Boston College loses an FCS opponent.


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