Saturday, August 09, 2014

Saturday--August 9th, 2014

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the Giants meet the Steelers tonight at 8:00 pm. Four ex-UMass players may appear. Victor CruxMichael Cox and Julian Talley for the Giants and Rob Blanchflower for the Steelers. Blanchflower will be an 11th hour play or scratch. If you can't get one of these links, then the NFL network will re-broadcast the game at 12:00 midnight. Set your DVR's.


Dan Malone has a short article on the UMass video featuring Steve Casali. The return of Casali to full strength would certainly help the UMass linebacking corps. The Minutemen would have at least six B's with game experience .

In addition early enrollee Da'Sean Downey FR 6-5 240 could be in the mix for significant playing time.




Jesse Allen of Hustle Belt interviews Dan Malone on the status of the 2014 Minutemen.


When UMass plays Boston College on August 30th, the UMass offensive line will be looking across the line of scrimmage at two 6-7 300 pound Eagle defensive linemen.


The Dekalb Daily Chronicle says the new college football playoff system ushers in a new era. Article has quotes from the MAC commissioner.





Anonymous said...

Frank, whatever happened to Khari Bailey-Smith(good name)? He was a one time starter and played DB for the last 2 years . . . injured? Tom M '72

Anonymous said...

Don't forget huber may be ready to go.

UMass74 said...

Khari was not listed on the Spring two-deep. I have not heard anything about his status. Hopefully he's OK.

Huber would be a big boost. With the practices closed, I don't know if he's full speed or not.

Anonymous said...

Stopped by practice field on Thursday after work-Walked right in /nobody even looked at me
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