Friday, June 02, 2017

Friday--June 2nd, 2017

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusettes" has a post on the game times and media availabilty for the Coastal Carolina, Temple and BYU games.

I posted links for the first two yesterday. The Salt Lake Tribune has more on BYU's media schedule.


UMass-Hawaii will be on August 26th, which will be the first day of the 2017 season. However it looks like Colorado State-Oregon State will have the honor of the earliest kickoff.

The Minutemen have not announced the start time for the game at McGuirk, but there's been speculation it'll be at 7:00 PM.


South Carolina and UMass announce their OOC basketball schedules. The hoops connection came about because of UMass football's game in South Carolina in 2016. UMass basketball will also face Georgia. You remember the Minutemen will play the Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium to close the 2018 football season.


There's been some speculation in the press that college football is declining in popularity. Nope.


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