Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday--May 11th, 2017

Former UMass star WR has been accused of assault.

The UMass Daily Collegian has a post on the story.

The Tennessean has the original story.

Memo to players everywhere: stay out of bars. Alcohol and your job or scholarship is a bad mix.


The One Foot Down blog has a profile of C.J. Sanders. UMass fans will remember him as the guy who returned a Minutemen punt with about five minutes to go in the first half of the Notre Dame. Sanders TD opened the floodgates.


ESPN has a story on how the AAC became a launching pad for Power Five coaches.

Athlon Sports ranks the coaches in the AAC including Randy Edsall of UConn and 2017 opponents Geoff Collins (Temple) and Scott Frost (UCF).


A Bleacher Report writer has college football realignment moves that need to happen. One of his theories is Cincinnati to the Big 12 thereby creating a hole in the AAC that UMass could bid on. Overall, the article is not very plausible as I doubt Notre Dame will ever give up Independent status.



Anonymous said...

What on earth was TS thinking, if true? Quick exit from the NFL, sad to say.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens in future realignment, I hope that UMass ends up on the "right" side. Can't afford to be left behind again.

TopUMassFan said...

I hope Tajae is innocent of these accusations.

Something has to be done to break this growing trend of college football players making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

This problem is nationwide and it reaches from FBS all the way down to Div.3. These STUDENT/athletes need to learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not and they need to realize they ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW because they can run, throw, kick or catch the pigskin. First-time offenses need to be dealt with a much firmer hand than they are. Suspensions need to be longer, and enforced, and scholarship need to be earned on a variety of, academics, community service and leadership...and not given freely like doorprizes.

If players don't behave appropriately, take away their eligibility and their pathway to the NFL. Some great talent may get flushed out but time will strengthen the overall character of collegiate football players.

UMass74 said...

These accusations sound out of character from what I've heard about Sharpe.

Even so, suing public figures is big business. Players need to not be in a place where they can be trolled.

Anonymous said...

It seems like pretty damning evidence to me. TS probably insecure and took his frustrations out on this guy, whose mouth cashed a check he couldn't cover. Probably got what was coming to him. TS should have walked away or should have spent the draft night on a couch in his home. This beatdown is troubling. A push or a shove--or even a haymaker--I can understand, but Sharpe is very lucky he didn't kill this bloke. Those of us older folks know perfectly well how important it is to have patience and to be patient, and if Tennessee wasn't in the cards for Tajae in the near future, someone else would surely sign him. Agree with Frank that pro athletes are very vulnerable, but being in the wrong environment is a disaster waiting to happen.

NFL needs to have a formal mentoring program for the very young men coming out of college and thrust into a world where they are immediately vulnerable and who may be exploited at every turn by the most unscrupulous and devious. So many of these young men are emotionally ill equipped to deal with the pressures, enticements, vulnerabilities, and anxieties that come with immediate wealth and fame. And the impulsive nature of being young and vulnerable can land an otherwise good man into a heap of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Just like to point out he's not a student athlete anymore...

TopUMassFan said...

I am aware of that. My comments were being directed at the current situation in NCAA Football where football players are make front page news and not the sports page.