Sunday, September 03, 2006

Some stats to Contemplate

Some statistics from the UMass-Colgate game for your considertion.

UMass played 48 players. Besides the 22 starters and the 2 kickers, UMass played

3-Rasheed Rancher, 4-C. Robinson, 9-Josh Jennings, 13-C. Koegel, 15-Mike Omar, 17-Tony Nelson, 19-Tim Washington,
28-J. Montgomery, 32-Matt Lawrence, 36-Darrlyn Fenner, 38-Eric Dickson, 41-D. Milton, 42-Chris Koepplin, 45-George Byrd,
46-Michael Hanson, 49-Anthony Monette, 50-Chris Cefalo, 53-Cesar Rosario, 54-Darnel DeLaire, 56-Brandon Collier, 60-Nick Diana,
83-Ian Jorgensen, 86-Bryan Haynes, 91-A.Resende-Gomes, 99-Wilner Alexis.


Baylark 21 carries 4.0 ave
Lawrence 6 carries 6.3 ave
Washington 8 carries 4.4 ave
Rancher 1 carry 12.0 ave
Nelson 2 carries 5.0 ave

Koegel 4 punts 46.8 ave (with two into the wind)

Koepplin 5 kicks 61.6 ave


J.J. Moore 3 punt returns for 11 ave
Lawrence 2 kickoff returns for 42.5 ave