Saturday, August 12, 2017

UMass Football News--August 12th, 2017

UMass has reached an agreement with ELEVEN SPORTS/NESN to televise Minutemen home games in 2017. In addition, the game will be available FOR FREE, streamed from the UMass web site.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has a post on the TV deal.

This took a while, but it ended well. I doubt UMass receives much in the way of financial compensation, but the Minutemen get a professionally-run production package. Having NESN involved is huge. NESN and NESN+ are picked up nationally by a number of satellite/cable networks. In addition, if all else fails, UMass fans can get live streaming video from the Minutemen website.


The Utah Daily Herald predicts Cougars 56-UMass 3. After the egg we laid in the second half in Provo last year, we can't blame BYU fans for being confident.


Matty Vautour has a story on Derek Dumais, the new starting center and the UMass offensive line.

Matty reports the UMass starting OL will be:

RT -- Jake Largay RSJR 6-4 325 12-8 GP-GS

RG--Jack Driscoll RSSO 6-5 300 9-8 GP-GS

C--Derek Dumais RSSO 6-4 330 10-0 GP-GS

LG--Lucas Kotler RSJR 6-4 315 Redshirted in 2016, 17-0 GP-GS in 2016 and 2015

LT--Rayquan Thomas SO 6-5 350 12-12 GP-GS Down about 40 pounds since last year


Mike Yeradi--RSSO 6-4 315 7-0 GP-GS in 2016

Larnel Coleman--RSFR 6-7 300 Redshirted in 2016

This is a young offensive line with no seniors in the top six. A goal for 2017 would be more production for the UMass running game. UMass was #124 in rushing offense in 2016. Part of that was playing all those Power Five schools last year. Not many Group-of-five teams rack up big rushing totals against SEC teams, but we need to do better than 3.3 yards/rush that we totaled last year.


Howard Herman of the Berkshire Eagle reports UMass is gearing up for the 2017 season.



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Glad to see The Mickey board was shut down! I guess the $39.19 they raised for a Dr.J statue was embezzled. Where will all that hot air end up?

UMass74 said...

I'm sorry to see Mike's board go if it's really gone. UMass needs all the fan interest it can get.

Although the Debbie Downer's and Negative Nellie's were the inspiration for me to start the blog.

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That site has a bunch of wackos that constantly badmouth the players, coaches and teams they root for. Good riddance.

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Mikes board is changing hosts and should be back up shortly.

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